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Candle wick not centered Help!

Wick placement middle

Achieving proper wick placement is crucial for a safe and evenly burning candle. When the wick is off-center or leaning to one side, it can result in an uneven burn, with one side of the candle consuming faster than the other.

In extreme cases, an off-center wick can even pose a risk of overheating the jar and causing it to shatter.

To ensure your wick is centered, use a wick setter tool and a wooden wick holder or Metal wick holder.  A wick setter allows you to position the wick precisely in the center of your jar.

It’s particularly useful when working with candles that have multiple wicks, as it ensures consistent spacing between them.

If you don’t have a wick setter tool on hand, you can create your own wick placement guide. For transparent containers, place the guide underneath the jar, while for non-transparent containers, use a sturdier material like plastic or cardboard for easier handling. Begin by tracing the outline of your container onto the paper and then draw a vertical and horizontal line to find the center.

Position your wick over the center point on the guide and trace the tab.

Use a stickem to secure the wick to the base of the jar.

For transparent containers, slide your custom guide underneath and align the wick with the traced tab at the center. For non-transparent containers, follow the same process but instead of tracing the tab, use a skewer to create a hole in the center of the guide, large enough for the wick to pass through. Thread the wick through the hole from the bottom, ensuring the tab rests beneath the guide. Gently place the wick and guide into the container, pressing the wick down onto the stickem. Finally, carefully remove the guide while keeping the wick in place.

As you set the wick, make sure to keep it taut, remember to use a wooden or metal wick holder for this. This prevents the wick from bending or shifting away from the center as the candle wax cools and solidifies. A properly tensioned wick helps maintain its centered position, ensuring a balanced and even burn throughout the candle’s lifespan.

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