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How To Stop Tunnelling Candles

Candle tunnelling

Tunneling is a term used to describe the process where a candle burns down the middle, creating a tunnel-like cavity. Several factors contribute to this frustrating occurrence, including the candle’s size, wick length, burning time, and environmental conditions.

Why Does Candle Tunneling Occur?

First Burn Syndrome: Candles have a “memory” of their first burn. If the initial burn is too short, the wax will only melt in the center, setting the stage for tunneling in subsequent uses.

Improper Wick Width: It is essential to assess a wick within its container to ensure it burns uniformly and facilitates the complete melting of all the wax. Always test the width of the candle wick making sure its appropriate for the vessel.

Insufficient Burn Time: Candles require sufficient burning time to achieve a full melt pool across the entire surface. Short burns may result in the wax only melting in the center, causing tunneling.

Avoid Drafts: Place candles in draft-free areas to ensure consistent burning and prevent uneven melting.

How To Preventing Tunneling:

Proper First Burn: Allow the candle to burn for at least one hour per inch in diameter during its first use to establish a complete melt pool and prevent tunneling in future burns.

Trim The Wick: Keep the wick trimmed to approximately 1/4 inch before each use to ensure a slower, more controlled burn.

Burn Time: Aim for longer burning sessions to achieve an even melt pool. Follow the recommended burning time based on the candle’s size.

Correcting Tunneling:

Second Long Burn: If tunneling has already occurred, rectify it by burning the candle for an extended period until the entire surface achieves a full melt pool.

Aluminum Foil Ring:For large candles, create a foil ring to concentrate heat and encourage even melting.

Candle Warmers: Use a candle warmer to gently melt and even out the wax surface, especially for candles that have already tunneled.

Tunneling in candles is a common issue

With proper care and attention, tunneling can be prevented and corrected. By understanding the factors contributing to tunneling and implementing proactive measures, you can enjoy a more even and aesthetically pleasing burn every time.

Candle widths

Candle widths

So, let your candles shine bright, free from the woes of tunneling!

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