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Candles have long been cherished for their soothing ambiance and aromatic qualities, making them a popular choice for homes, events, and gifts.

In this article, we will delve into the essential aspects of candle labelling in Australia, exploring the information that must be included on labels to comply with regulatory standards.

Safety Information:

Safety is paramount when it comes to candles, you should provide safety information on labels. This includes guidelines on proper usage, such as keeping candles away from flammable materials, not leaving them unattended, and ensuring they are placed on a stable surface. Additionally, labels should specify any potential hazards associated with the candle, such as fragrances that may cause allergies.

Ingredient List:

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the ingredients used in the products they purchase, and candles are no exception. Candle labels in Australia should include a comprehensive list of all ingredients used in the candle’s production. This includes not only the wax but also any dyes, fragrances, and additives. This transparency allows consumers to make informed choices, especially for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Batch Number and Date of Manufacture:

To facilitate traceability and quality control, candle labels should display a batch number and the date of manufacture. This information helps manufacturers identify and address any issues that may arise with specific batches, and it also assists consumers in tracking the age of the candle. Knowing the date of manufacture is crucial, as candles may have a recommended shelf life to ensure optimal performance.

Manufacturer Information:

Candle labels should prominently feature the manufacturer’s information, including their name and contact details. This allows consumers to reach out to the manufacturer with any questions or concerns about the product. Additionally, including the manufacturer’s information instills confidence in the product’s legitimacy and accountability.

Candle Care Instructions:

Providing proper care instructions is essential to ensure the longevity and safety of candles. Labels should include guidance on how to trim wicks, recommended burn times, and instructions for extinguishing the candle safely. This information not only helps consumers enjoy the product to its fullest but also minimises the risk of accidents or damage.

Labelling Your Product Check List:

Australia’s business website¬† has listed a labelling check list for your products. “You need to put a label on products you supply. The information you need to include on your label depends on your product. And any claims you make must be truthful, clear and accurate under fair trading laws. Follow our checklist to label your products correctly.”

IFRA Standards

What is the International Fragrance Association? “The primary goal of a safety evaluation by the Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety is to ensure the safe use of fragrance materials. Maintaining a rigorous and transparent safety evaluation process ensures that the scientific opinions of the Panel will continue to strengthen the credibility of IFRA Standards, as well as the credibility of the IFRA member associations.The transparency of the process is primarily through the publication of the Expert Panel evaluation conclusions and the underlying science in the peer-reviewed literature.”

Make sure check your fragrances comply with the IFRA Standards

Navigating the candle labeling requirements in Australia is crucial for both manufacturers and consumers. Compliance with these regulations ensures that candles on the market are safe, transparent, and of high quality. As the demand for candles continues to grow, understanding and adhering to these labeling requirements will contribute to a positive consumer experience and foster trust in the candle industry. Whether you are a candle enthusiast or a manufacturer, staying informed about these regulations is key to a thriving and responsible candle market in Australia

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